Other Services

Drain Cleaning & Unblocking

  • High Pressure sewer & drain cleaning, Domestic & Commercial.
  • Qualified & professional engineers.
  • No job to small or too big

Septic tank cleaning/ de-sludge/ inspection & maintenance

Spotless Drains provide a full service to maintain your septic tank to comply with the new legislation and will provide a waste disposal certificate to confirm waste is disposed at a proper treatment facility according to the waste collection permit.

Greasetrap cleaning & maintenance services.

It is important that a greasetrap is cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that it stays in good working order with minimum odours.

Waste, fats, oils and grease (FOG) cannot be treated from food service establishments in the waste water system and must be kept out of the sewers.

A permitted was collector such as Spotless Drains must remove the waste grease before it enters the system.

All grease must be transported to the nominated waste facility with traceability records.

Patch repairs & robotic cutting services

Repairs to the drain relining via a packer inflated into the line with the resin, cured deflated and removed, leaving a patch repair in place.

Condenser & Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning

We offer very competitive prices on our Tube Cleaning Services

We use a 16000psi machine to clean condenser & heat exchanger tubes. Our expertise will clean quickly and efficently to return them to the peak performance you expect