UV Drain Relining


  • No dig trench-less technology
  • Tough, strong and durable lining for pipes with typical faults, roots, leaking joints, open/displaced joints, cracks and fractures.
  • Flexible to allow for normal underground movement without breaking unlike traditional pipes.
  • Widely excepted by industry professionals such as civil engineers, architects, councils and insurance companies.
  • Minimal Downtime: Texture of the lined pipe can improve flow efficiency.
  • UV pip relining is a fraction of the cost of traditional replacement and all materials conform to legislation.

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The Process of re-lining a pipe

pipe_drain_before   pipe_drain_after
CCTV inspection can locate
a number of reasons that
causes pipe failure including
leaking and open joints, root
intrusion and cracks
   Once the pipe is cured, the
inversion liner is removed
leaving a strong and tough
new pipe within the existing
pipe. Any lateral pipes are
reconnected by a remote
controlled robotic cutter